Stoßdaempfer Bruecke vo 4,0 mm - Carbon lower    [X322084]

XB2 Low Shock Absorbers

• Improved landing
• Less roll
• Improves stability
• Suggested for high traction conditions
• All parts available individually

Low shock absorbers with shorter body complemented with shorter shock shaft and lower shock towers. Recommended for high-traction tracks, reducing front roll, allowing to run without front sway bar and allowing to use more droop for better landing.

X322084 Graphite Shock Tower Front 4.0mm - Lower
X323084 Graphite Shock Tower Rear 3.5mm - Lower
X368121 Alu Front Shock Body 32mm - Hard Coated (2)
X368161 Front Hardened Shock Shaft 42mm (2)

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