T4'18 Alu Motor Mount - Orange    [X303002-O]

CNC-machined motor mount made from premium Swiss 7075 T6 is part of the left layshaft bulkhead to eliminate unwanted tweak. The redesigned motor mount allows motor to move 1mm more to the center of the chassis. With the motor more into the center, the car rolls less which makes it easier to drive. The motor mount is connected to the chassis by 2 screws under the layshaft, and features the mounting system in front of the motor.

The motor mount system consists of a motor mount plate that is connected to the motor mount by a button-head screw (which is more tweak-free than the previous countersunk screw). The motor mount plate is connected to the chassis via an M3 nut, and an extra countersunk screw can be placed ahead of the nut if more reinforcement is needed. The nut can be removed and 1 of 2 holes behind the nut can be used for more flex adjustment options.

Orange color-coated for a distinctive look. Color may vary slightly between products.

Data dodania produktu do sklepu: niedziela, 18 luty 2018.



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